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You’re probably wondering if the guy to the left, with his perfectly dark thick hair… is going to be the one that actually comes over to kill your spiders. I guess there is only one way to find out. Give us a call and see which one of our wonderful models, I mean technicians come over.


Throughout Colorado, Bed Bugs are running rampant. These tiny biters can make your life miserable: they make themselves at home in your sheets, carpets, mattresses, and couches and feed off of your blood while you sleep. Don’t let the comfort of your home turn into a living nightmare!

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Wasps pose a serious problem to Coloradans. While wasp stings are painful, nothing compares to the serious side effects they bring, including severe allergic reaction and – in some cases – death. It’s true that bees and wasps almost never approach people without feeling threatened. But if they fear there may be a threat to the hive, they will strike out aggressively at your family members.

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Though there are only about three species of Colorado spiders that are really dangerous to humans, they still pose a threat to your everyday life. And, for people who are afraid of spiders, even the common ones need to be eradicated from the home.

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Termites are easily one of the greatest threats to Colorado homes, invading at least 20% Colorado properties. Devouring all the wood they can reach, termites can devastate everything from scrap wood and floorboards to house frames and foundations.

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Though they’re shy around people, a Colorado rodent problem is serious business. Mice and rats can destroy property, spread disease, and overrun your home. These little pests can be be slippery to catch and aggressive if they feel like it. What’s worse, mice, rats and other rodents begin to depend on your home for shelter. What does all this mean to you? A full-blown infestation can take place if you’re not careful. That’s why Beeline Pest Control is here: we’ll give your property a full inspection and then quickly resolve your rodent disaster.

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While ants are annoying when they gather in and around your yard and driveway, they are even more irritating when they enter your home. Ants are notorious for coming into your house through the smallest spaces possible in search of food that has not been properly sealed or disposed of. Because Colorado ants are particularly smart, they can invade your home in a moment’s notice.

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Cockroaches in Colorado hide in the dark, damp places in homes and businesses. They multiply fast and can survive deadly conditions. There is almost nothing a cockroach will not eat. Luckily for them – but not for us – they can adapt to just about any environment, no matter how hostile.

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Among the undesirable pests that will try to sneak past your wary eye are the Box Elder bugs in Colorado. At all times during the year, they can become a problem, whether they horde around the exterior of your home and garden or are looking for food and shelter during the winter months.

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Residential Services

Insects and other common household pests can be a problem for Colorado Residents all year-round. Once these pesky invaders take up residence in your Denver home, they will contaminate food supplies, become a nuisance in living spaces, and even import certain diseases that could endanger the health and well-being of your family.