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The Basics of Wasp Pest Control and Prevention

The Basics of Wasp Pest Control and Prevention

According to the experts, there are over 15 social wasp species. Of all the world’s stinging insects, wasps and yellow jackets are among the most dangerous. They can sting repeatedly, and treating a sting may be difficult because their stingers lack the barbs found in honeybees. Wasps can nest in attics, sheds, and eaves, and their venom is very dangerous to those with allergies even when prompt wasp sting treatment is employed.

While some wasp species are beneficial because they prey on other insects, social species are annoying pests. Additionally, they will sting anyone or anything approaching their nest. Because they attack anything that intrudes on the colony, it can be hard to eliminate them. Those finding house wasps in the home should take immediate measures to get rid of the pests.

Wasp Preventionwasps

When deciding how to keep wasps away from the home, prevention is usually the best method. To start, the homeowner should caulk or fill any cracks in or around the structure. By doing so, they can prevent social wasps from building colonies in these hidden areas.

Finding the Wasp Nest

If there are already wasps living in parts of the structure, the homeowner should first find the nest. Locating the nest can help the customer decide where to narrow
their focus for treatment. The easiest way to find a wasps’ nest is to observe a single wasp, following it to the nest during daylight hours when most of the insects have left the nest for the day.

Assessing the Wasp Infestation

After finding the nest, a pest control professional can assess the problem to estimate how many wasps are in the colony. If the nest is large and full of wasps, a wasp pest control specialist has the tools, training, and equipment necessary to treat the problem effectively.

House or social wasps are just one of the many kinds of pests that can invade the home and attack the occupants for approaching their home. Therefore, when contending with an infestation of house wasps, it is typically best to hire a pest control expert. For tips, treatment, and good advice, it is a wise decision to consult a local professional for wasp pest control in Denver.