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Termite Control in Denver


Termites are active in much of Colorado, including Denver and Colorado Springs. Termite knowledge and termite control are becoming more and more important. Termites are very similar in look to ants. With their small size, they don’t come across as dangerous. Known as a silent destroyer, they can eat their way through the flooring, wallpaper, and wood, virtually undetected. 

These insects never take breaks from eating. 24/7 they are chomping away at whatever wood material they find. Of all the insects on earth, the queen termite is the longest living, known to be around for 30-50 years. Though very tiny in size, if you gathered all the termites in the world, they would outweigh all the homo-sapiens on the planet. 

Subterranean Termites

Of all the species of termites, the subterranean is the most common and poses the greatest threat. The Eastern subterranean termite is the most widely distributed termite in the USA. They are highly destructive to common building materials like douglas fir. They quickly eat the internal sections of structural timbers – devouring mainly the spring wood. Consequently, leaving behind thin shells hollowed out with honeycomb-like sections in the infested timbers. The hollow wood is packed with moist soil. These termites are attracted to and must have a dark damp environment that is essential to their survival. 


The queen termite has a gigantic body that is an egg-laying machine. As a result, she can produce more than 2,000 eggs per day. She lives in a central chamber with the king and the workers tend to them.


The workers are the largest group in the colony and they do the damage. Furthermore, they do all the work in the nest. For example, gathering food, tunnel construction and enlarging the colony. They also groom each other, care for the young nymphs and feed the soldiers.



The soldiers defend the colony, especially from the ant population. Their head is armoured and they crush the ants with their mandibulate pinchers. These termites are the first to be seen in large numbers when their colony is found. Soldiers hurry to guard any opening while the workers attempt to fix the breech.



The swarmers are the reproducers, also known as “alates”. They are swept along by the wind because they are terrible fliers. When they land, they lose their wings and begin looking for a mate. As king and queen, they start a new termite colony.

Swarming takes place in the spring in northern areas, but not during rain. In the south, the swarming occurs after the rain. Once the termite colony is well established and large enough, swarmers go out in thousands.


Termite Control

It is imperative to maintain and carry out an effective program for termite prevention and termite control. Especially in states like Colorado where termites are common. If you are a Denver or Colorado Springs homeowner, call a termite specialist. The experts at Beeline Pest Control can inspect and share methods to protect your home from termites, termite damage, and termite infestations. Should they find any signs, they have all the proper solutions to rid your home of termites. Call the professionals at Beeline Pest Control Denver today for a free termite inspection  (303) 586-5231.