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Spring Cleaning You Wouldn’t Think of Doing

Spring is well on its way as the snow melts and warmer temperatures begin to make their way across the state. This is the time that is often associated with deep cleaning the house, throwing out clutter, and getting yourself organized, but what about some other projects that may not be at top of your priority list during the year? Take part in some of the spring cleaning that may not be as popular, or you may not have thought of before. These changes may become essential to your home.

Go paperless

Instead of going through your desk drawers to find and throw away all the old statements and bills that have long since been paid, go paperless this spring. Not only will it be a positive influence on the environment, reducing the energy expended, but it will help decrease the clutter in your home. These items can pile up in your home faster than you realize. This can be messy, and too easy to lose things in the shuffle, resulting in overdue bills. Switch to paperless instead to keep organized and reduce clutter.

Switch out your wardrobe

Once the weather starts warming up, it is highly unlikely that you will need your winter coat, and even most of your sweaters during the late spring and summer months. Rather than allowing these clothes to continue taking up space in your closet, make a place of storage in your basement for them. This will keep the clutter out of your room, especially for items you won’t need for a few months.

Electronic clutter

The clutter that has been building on your computer, tablet, phone, and camera may not seem like a big deal, but don’t miss the opportunity to clean it out. By letting this information pile up, it will be harder to find things when you are in need, plus it can slow down the electronic device. Take the time now during your spring cleaning to take care of this problem.

Spray for pests

Now that the warmer weather has hit, bugs are going to be out in full force, making their way into your home. Before this can happen, get your home sprayed against this in the spring. If you do have an infestation, Beeline Denver’s one-time treatment is one of the most effective solutions of getting bugs out, and keeping them out.


Ants are the most abundant pest and as warmer temperatures approach, you may begin to see them marching in your yard, kitchen or any other areas in your home they can find food.

Box Elder Bugs

These red and black insects can take flight for several blocks as adults and because they lay eggs, they spread quite rapidly. During the winter months, they seek warm shelter, but once snow melts and temperatures are just slightly warmer, box elder bugs can seem to take over the whole region.

Spring cleaning should be well on its way, but don’t forget the things that often get left behind. By taking care of these smaller and easier to forget items, your home will be in the best shape, organized and ready for the coming season.

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