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Rodent Control Denver

With the cool fall weather on its way and winter around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about pest control. Especially for our favorite pests; rodents and rats. Just kidding. These critters are probably our least favorite but yet they are exploding in population. The recent increase in Norway rats and pack rats can be related to the development boom and the increased construction. We are seeing an increase in field mice, white-footed mice, and Eurasian Harvest mice too. For prevention, you may want to consider a rodent control Denver company.

 You would be surprised how well these little contortionists can fit into the smallest spaces. These rodents able to crawl into even the smallest crevices and with their strong sense of smell, they are constantly invading residential and business structures. When the weather turns, residents will see an increase in rodent activity in and around their homes as they start looking for food and water. And the biggest reason, shelter from extreme temperatures. If you want to beat them to the punch, you may want to start looking for the best rodent control Denver has to offer, Beeline Pest Control.

Signs of Rodent Activity

Most often homeowners do not realize they have rats or rodents on their property.  If you know what to look for you can usually tell right away if you have rodents in your home. Here are some signs to look for:

  • The small opening of burrows under buildings or debris
  • Marks on food, paper, wiring or wood from their teeth
  • Pet food disappearing from them eating it
  • Dark greasy travel marks on walls or baseboards from them passing by
  • Tiny poop droppings or foul urine stench
  • Paths in your yard or dirt where they travel back and forth

Where To Find Rodents in Denver

Rodents will search for shelter and typically build nests in most buildings including sheds, homes, sheds, and gardens. You will want to Look for signs of rodent activity in the following areas of your home or business:

  • Bathtubs, Vanities, cupboards, and under or inside large appliances
  • Behind machinery, in animal cages, and under furniture
  • Around trash, paper, boxes, and clothes
  • They nest inside ceilings, attics, sub-floors and in between walls
  • In low traffic areas of buildings, under decks and patios

Rodents will pretty much make any place their home as long as there is a space big enough for them to get in. They really can be hiding anywhere. Due to their awesome sense of smell, they tend to be found in the kitchen searching for leftover crumbs. They are also known for chewing through any food containers they can get to. Most rats and rodents are found in dark basements and the first floor of buildings and homes. Other rodents that are better climbers find refuge in roofs and attics. Common rodents of Denver are the Norway rat, packrat, the deer mouse, the white-footed mouse, the rock mouse, the brush mouse, the pinyon mouse, and the canyon mouse.

Rodent Control Denver

Although Rodents are not aggressive they can still be dangerous. When they invade your home or business, rodents contaminate surfaces and food sources. Most often this is done with their urine, fecal matter and saliva. They are also known to spread diseases like Dysentery and Salmonella that make people very ill. They also bring hitchhiking parasites in your home like fleas and ticks that also become infected as well. These parasites can then spread the same diseases as the rodents.

Rodents not only spread disease but they also cause a ton of damage to structures. They have to constantly chew in order to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Their chewing can damage pipes, insulation, wiring, and walls. Often, rodents are the cause of many electrical fires because of their chewing on wires.

Rat Removal- Rodent Removal Denver

Beeline Pest Control in Denver, Colorado can help eliminate and prevent rodent infestations that are so prevalent right now. Our top-rated home pest control services include rat removal and all rodent removal. The rodent control services our company provides for homes and businesses are capable of exterminating rodents quickly. We tailor our treatment plans to include the use of baits, simple removal techniques or traps. For the removal of rodents and rats in Denver, call the best rodent control Denver has to offer: Beeline Pest Control. The areas we service include Colorado Springs, Littleton, Aurora, Centennial, Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton, Westminster, and Englewood. Whatever pests you are dealing with in your Colorado home, we can help. Call today at (303) 586-5231 for whatever residential pest control or commercial pest control you need. Because no matter what pest is bugging you, Beeline Pest control can help.