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Restaurant Pest Control Services in Colorado

With the ease of modern electronics, it literally only takes seconds for restaurant customers to blog, text, or tweet about their food experience. One of the key topics of Denver patrons is finding a pest at a restaurant, and oddly they have zero patience for an unsolicited intruder joining them at their table. “Abhor” is not a strong enough word to describe reactions to discovering a pest in a restaurant. Customers who come upon a bug say things like “repulsive,” “filthy,” or “nasty” regardless of how clean, the quality of food, fair priced, or outstanding the services of the establishment. Give up any hope of a good recommendation or desire to eat there again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a five star or fast food restaurant – no one is free from pests. It only takes one small bug to derive a negative review for a restaurant – that is the reason we encourage an aggressive pest management program through Beeline Pest Control Denver! Call pest control as soon as you see any signs. As the owner of a restaurant, there are many things you can do to help prevent pest invasions between treatment cycles:

Storing Food

  • Before signing for any delivery, inspect it for any signs of pests. Look through all boxes the food is stored in. Are there any tears or rips? Is it coming apart or damp? Always make sure the packaging is still in its original shape.
  • Keep food in up off the floor and in airtight sealed containers whenever possible.
  • Cardboard containers will draw cockroaches. Mainly because cardboard is a source of food for roaches but also because it furnishes a warm environment for them to live and hide.
  • Be sure to train all employees on the best way to clean grease traps and determine a schedule to ensure they are cleaned out often. Under grease traps and grills is a place that sometimes gets forgotten and can then encourage an assortment of pest issues.
  • Rotate products on a first in, first out schedule to assure nothing exceeds expiration dates.

Keeping Clean

  • Quickly wipe away any spills as they happen. While a couple of scraps here and a bit of spilled sauce there might not seem to matter much -pests are attracted to anything we eat, or rather drop or spill, and even the smallest crumb can entice bugs or rodents.
  • Keep to a schedule of sweeping floors, shelves, counters, and other surfaces.
  • Take out trash often and make sure garbage is stored in tightly covered bins.
  • Move your dumpster away from the building and be sure it contains a fitted lid. If an infestation occurs in a dumpster and is not controlled entirely, it becomes very difficult to manage.
  • Clean both the outside and inside of your trash bins routinely.
  • Regularly clean the area around the trash receptacles as food particles will quickly attract unwanted pests.

Doors, Windows, and Walls

  • Never leave doors or windows propped open. This will invite pests to make their way inside. A mouse can sneak in through a hole no bigger than a dime, while a raccoon-sized creature can enter through a 6” opening.
  • Be sure to check the seals around all outside doors and keep them tight, pay special attention to any openings between the bottom of your doors and the floor.
  • Repair all cracks, holes, or gaps in your floors and walls. Look for light coming through cracks. Also, feel for air movement, which can sometimes point you to a crack you can’t see.
  • To get rid of excess moisture, be sure to immediately repair all leaks in your sinks, pipes, or dishwasher. Mildew/mold spreading on floors, wood, or insulation can quickly attract bothersome pests.

Positive encounters fuel restaurant success, while any restaurant pest encounters put your hard work at risk. Beeline Pest Control Denver exceeds your business and restaurant pest control needs while maintaining discretion and expertise. Using treatment that ensures food safety, we’re here to help your restaurant make the grade. Call Beeline Pest Control today (720) 863-6676 or visit our website