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Poisonous Spiders in Denver

Whether you are within the comforts of your home or out in the wilderness, there is always a chance that you’re never far away from a spider. But with around 40,000 different species around the world, it’s quite difficult to identify and figure out which arachnids are harmless and which ones you should worry about.

There are a lot of poisonous spiders in Denver. Some can be spotted when you go out into the wild; others, unfortunately, are carefully concealed and hiding within your home. But which spiders are harmful in Denver, that is the million-dollar question. Admittedly the average person does not know much about these arachnids. Logically the natural recourse is to stay clear and avoid spiders as much as possible.

At Beeline Pest Control in Denver, we take our business very seriously. We know how spiders can be a cause of distress and anxiety for people who are fearful of spiders. We also understand how hard it is for an average person to figure out which spiders to worry about. That is why, we’re writing this articles to help you identify them. Here are three of the most common poisonous spiders in Denver.

Brown Recluse Spiders


The brown recluse spiders are known for being deadly and aggressive. Its venom has a toxicity level that can trigger serious cutaneous injury to the affected skin area, which injuries can include tissue loss and necrosis. An average adult brown recluse spider has six eyes; one pair in front and a pair each on either side. It also has a distinctive dark violin shape situated near its leg attachment.

Black Widow Spiders

If there is one thing to describe black widow spiders, they are highly venomous. A single bite can cause extreme pain, which can be life-threatening especially to children and the elderly. Even with a small amount of venom can cause serious adverse health effects since the poison directly attacks the bite victim’s nervous system. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately. Common symptoms that emerge after the bite include nausea, headache, abdominal pain, hypertension, and pyrexia.

Black widow spiders are about half an inch long and appears shiny black in color. There is a red hourglass shape that appears on the underside of its abdomen; in some of these spiders, the red color may appear as yellowish red and the hourglass figure may appear as a dot.

These arachnids love to dwell in undisturbed clutter in crawl spaces and basements. When outdoors, they love to stay in rubble or wood piles, sheds, garages, or under rocks.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo spiders are highly venomous and very dangerous. Its bite is painless at first, but there will be immediate redness within the affected area. After 24 hours, it will develop into a blister. If left unattended after 24 to 36 hours, the bite will break open as an oozing ulceration. The most common symptom of a hobo spider bite is severe headache. Other symptoms also include weakness, nausea, fatigue, vision impairment, and temporary memory loss.

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