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4 Early Signs of a Termite Infestation

One of the greatest fears of a homeowner is a bug infestation. Termites are the worst case scenario out of the various bugs due to the damage they cause. Once they get in the woodwork, you’ll spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage. You need to know the instant you’re in danger. Here are four early signs of termite infestations.

Broken Wings

Termites are tiny and soft-bodied, which makes them difficult to see even if you’re searching for them. They do leave signs of their presence, though. One of the most obvious ones is dead wings. When a termite dies, they oftentimes have their wings fall off, so while you might not see the termites themselves, a floor full of broken wings notifies you of the danger.

The one difficulty is in making sure that the creature is a termite. There’s a chance it’s a flying ant instead. Here are some tips on identifying termites.


Termite mud tube

Termite mud tube

Like all critters, termites have a digestive system. That means you’ll know they’re living in your home if you just pay attention. Unfortunately, the process is gross. Termites, in particular, do their business wherever they nest. Their defecation looks like tiny pellets. If you see multiple pellets in a small area, you’ve got an infestation and should call an exterminator immediately.

Mud Tubes

Photo by qcom Termite mud tube

Photo by qcom Termite mud tube

Your home’s foundation is the area most susceptible to termites. That’s doubly bad for you since your foundation is the worst place for termites to nest. You’ll need to get in the habit of examining all the parts of your foundation where bugs could make their home. In the case of termites, they have a specific style of nesting.

You’ll want to look for mud tubes. Termites build these intricate tunnels to provide a natural habitat for future generations. If you see mud tubes, you have a problem. Pay attention to the size of the tubes. Larger ones indicate that the termites have lived in these mud nests for a long enough time to expand

the size of the tunnels. Having small mud tubes is also bad news. In either case, you need to call an exterminator and then an insurance agent. Your home is in trouble.

Wood Holes

Termite wood holes

Termite wood holes

This is the most obvious of early signs of a termite infestation. At a young age, you may have learned why termites love wood, but perhaps you forgot. The wood in your foundation is a digestible source of sustenance, and termites have the perfect mouth components to eat it. During an infestation, your home is in trouble. A larger group of termites means more tiny mouths to feed. Their food is also what keeps your house upright. When they snack in large quantities, your home will likely need repairs.

Learning how to spot termites is only the first step in protecting your home. You also must eliminate them. Watch for these early signs of termite infestations; if any of the tests above revealed that you have termites, you must take action immediately. Call Beeline Pest Control at (720) 204-1494 to find an expert to get rid of your unwelcome guests.

A version of this article was previously published at Beeline Pest Control Utah.