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Pest Control Service

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Be smart and rely on our professional pest control services. We provide integrated pest control management throughout Adams County. The natural pest control we use is safe and gets effective results.  Our extermination services include termite control, mice control, ant control, bee removal, wasp control, spider control, cockroach control, earwig control and more. Beeline’s nuisance control service is very reasonable and affordable. Our experienced exterminators are readily available and able to help with any pest control issue.  We have the experience and knowledge you need in disposing of all pests. We treat your bed bug infestation or termite infestation the right way, preventing the chance of a repeat bug infestation. Give us a call, we’ll get rid of termites and other pests the first time.

Bed Bug Pest Control

A Plus Bed Bug Removal For Commerce City and Surrounding Areas

Beeline Pest Control is well trained and educated on the use of all pesticides and bed bug removal. Our goal is to ensure our customers and their pets are protected from any harm. Our top priority is the safety of our clients. We also go above and beyond when explaining the recommended treatment process needed. When it comes to bed bugs,  Beeline Pest Control Commerce City will treat your home and get rid of them fast. We provide a bed bug inspection that is at a convenient time for our clients. We are the bed bug exterminator in Commerce City, we kill bed bugs with our highly effective bed bug treatment. Not only are we affordable, but we are the most reliable bed bug pest control company in the area. Call Beeline Pest Control today!

Termite Pest Control

Rely On The Top-Rated Termite Removal Company in Commerce City

As the most experienced pest control company, our top of the line equipment allows us to us to see the first signs of a termite problem.  We have the ability to take care of your termite infestation without causing any further damage. Our termite Services are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Our green company makes pest control safe for your home, family, and your pets. Buy our termite protection, termite management and prevent future termite infestations. Beeline Pest Control will be the pest exterminator Commerce City you rely on for all your current and future pest management services.

As a pest management specialist in Adams County, we provide superb termite services. Subsequently, once you choose us, you receive the best termite removal. We can prevent more termite damage with termite infestation control. Our other services include termite extermination, termite inspections, termite control, and termite prevention. Most importantly, rely on the best termite pest control company today!

Cockroach Exterminator

#1 Pest Control Company With Best Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches are dirty and gross. These pests can literally hide anywhere in your home.  You can find them hiding in your furniture, in the baseboards, inside light fixtures, under and between old newspapers. They also creep around in your cupboards, pipes, basements and pretty much any other crevice they can fit in. Most importantly, remember they are so extremely thin they can slide into the tiniest sliver of a crack.  Consequently, to help decrease the risk of having these unwanted pests, keep your home clean, dry and free of clutter.

In addition, we take pride in providing the best cockroach pest control. Moreover, we are proud of our cockroach treatments, the extermination of cockroaches, cockroach extermination, cockroach prevention, roach control, and any other cockroach service you need.  Call your Commerce City Exterminator today!

Commerce City, Colorado

In 1859 John D. “Colonel Jack” Henderson manufactured a farm, exchanging post and an inn on Henderson Island in the South Platte River in Arapahoe County. This was in the Kansas Territory north of Denver, from which he sold meat and arrangements to gold searchers on their way up the South Platte River Trail to the gold fields amid the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Henderson Island was the primary lasting settlement in the South Platte Valley.

Among the primary foundations in the advanced Commerce City were graveyards. Riverside Cemetery, established in 1876, is situated in the city’s southwest corner at East 52nd Avenue and Brighton Boulevard. Rose Hill Cemetery, in the core of notable Commerce City, was set up in 1892 on what at the time was an open plain by the United Hebrew Cemetery Association.

The primary school in the territory started in 1871 as a one-room school building, with different schools included 1899 and later in 1907. This last school is currently part of the North Building at the previous site of Adams City High School, now Adams 14 School District Administration Buildings.

In 1946 and 1947, Adams County School District 14 was shaped from encompassing schools, and Adams City was redeveloped about that time. In 1951, as Denver was thinking about attaching the territory, an arrangement to consolidate all of southern Adams County was produced. On 1952-07-08, region inhabitants cast a ballot 251 to 24 to join Commerce Town, involving neighborhoods, for example, Rose Hill and southern Adams City. The city name was appropriately changed to Commerce City and currently has about 45,913 residents.

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