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Cockroaches in the home are enough to send many people running for the hills. When a home has these pests, it’s time to call the professionals in immediately.


What Does A Cockroach Look Like?

People often assume the wings allow them to fly, but this is one skill the majority of these bugs lack. They have specialized pads on the feet that give them the ability to walk on walls and ceilings and may be found anywhere in the home.

Why Do Cockroaches Exist?

Obviously, however, some species carry diseases that are harmful to humans, and these are the ones that should be eliminated from your Colorado home. These creatures tend to produce an unpleasant smell, and some make sounds that annoy humans.

How They Enter The Home

Cockroaches enter a home in a variety of ways other than those mentioned above. If there is a crack or crevice in the foundation, the pests can easily get in.

Why Do They Become So Invasive?

Cockroaches breed rapidly, so seeing one in the home typically means there are numerous others hidden in walls and floors that can not be seen. As a result, the home likely has a severe infestation.

The Health Dangers Associated With Cockroaches

Cockroaches know how to hide from humans, thus eradicating them from a home is often a difficult task. For this reason, when a cockroach is spotted in the home, it’s best to contact Beeline Pest Control immediately.

Another question many individuals have when it comes to cockroaches concerns whether they will bite humans. Thankfully, this does not need to be a major concern, as cockroaches prefer other materials to feed on. In the event a cockroach does bite a human, they may notice a lesion and some irritation or swelling.

Research shows that individuals have a higher rate of asthma when roaches are present in the home, and a study conducted in 2005 discovered that allergens produced by cockroaches are more dangerous than other asthma triggers. For this reason, any person who finds evidence of these pests in their residence immediately needs to vacuum the entire home and clean any areas that may be affected with soap and warm water.

Common Cockroach Facts:

Shape and Size: Cockroaches are 1/8 inch – 1 inch long and have two antennae, six legs, and wings. Look for long, oval bodies and tiny heads.

Habitat: These pests can live just about anywhere. Their ideal setting, however, is warm and full of food and lots of moisture. That makes your home the perfect place for cockroaches to live and raise a family of thousands.

Activity: Nocturnal creatures, roaches tend to hide in dark, damp places. You’ll find them in cupboards and under furniture. They come out after dark to scavenge for food and water. In the winter, they hibernate in large groups to survive.

Food: While roaches like to eat sugar and meat, they’ll eat just about anything to survive. They have been known to eat hair, decaying matter, and even paper.

Reproduction: If you happen upon a cockroach, you can be sure there are more nearby. Roaches reproduce at an explosive rate, with one female producing up to fifteen eggs per week. Within a short time, thousands of roaches can be spawned.

Disease: Roaches feed on and live around a great deal of disease, and tend to spread that disease to humans. Even in the modern age, roaches can cause dysentery, typhoid, and even gastroenteritis.

Cockroach Infestation? Rely on The Top Roach Control Company Near You

Do you have a roach problem? Call Beeline Pest Control today 720-863-6676. We’ll investigate the seriousness of the problem and eliminate it for you. Get help you with your cockroach pest control today with our roach removal process!