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Best Rodent Pest Control Denver

With winter here, it’s a good idea to have your home checked for rodents and rats. They tend to build their nests in homes and businesses as they seek food, water, and refuge from the cold. With the constant construction and the recent development boom, we are seeing an increase in the population of rats and mice. If you want to beat these little critters and keep them out, it may be time to call the best rodent pest control Denver has to offer, Beeline Pest Control.

Rat Control Denver

Homeowners do not realize they have rats or rodents on their property. You would be surprised how well these rodents can squeeze into the smallest holes and cracks.  Most often, If you know what to look for you can quickly tell if you have rodents in or around your home. Here are a few signs you may have rats or rodents in your home:

  • Tiny fecal droppings or a strong urine smell
  • Greasy Marks on wall or baseboards from them brushing by
  • Having Pet food disappear from rodents eating it
  • Teeth marks on paper, wood, food or wiring
  • Small travel paths in your yard

Get Help: Rodent Extermination Denver

When trying to find shelter, rodents will typically build nests almost anywhere. Generally, they build nests in old buildings, homes, sheds, and gardens. Look for signs of rodent activity in the following areas of your home, property or business:

  • In animal cages, under furniture or behind machinery
  • Between walls, attics, inside ceilings and in sub-floors 
  • In low traffic areas such as under decks, patios, and buildings
  • Inside vanities, bathtubs, cupboards, and inside or under large appliances
  • In piles of trash, clothes, paper, and boxes 

Rodents really can be hiding anywhere as long as there is a space big enough for them to get in. Because of their keen sense of smell, they tend to be drawn to kitchens where they can find any crumbs or food left out. They are known for chewing through food containers, so make sure they get put away.  The most common Denver rodents are the Norway Rat, Deer Mouse, Pack Rat, and the House Mouse.

Rodent Control Denver

Even though rodents are not aggressive, they can still be dangerous. Rodents contaminate food sources and surfaces when they invade homes and businesses. They can also spread diseases like Dysentery and Salmonella that can cause people to become very ill. Fleas and ticks can also hitch rides inside and they can also become infected and spread disease. Not only can they spread diseases, but they can also cause damage to structures. They can chew and damage pipes, walls, insulation, and wiring. Rodents are often the cause of electrical fires as they chew on dangerous wires.

Rodent Removal Denver

When you have noticed signs of rodents in your home or business, Beeline Pest Control Denver can help. We can help exterminate your current rodent problem and prevent any rodent infestations from recurring. Our top-rated pest control services can exterminate rodents quickly. Our rodent control services include rat removal, rat extermination, and all rodent removal. When you need a good exterminator, we can tailor our treatment plans to include baits, removal techniques or traps. No matter what technique we use, you can count on our Denver exterminators for help.

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When you have a rodent or rat problem in Denver or in the surrounding area, call Beeline Pest Control, the best pest control Denver has to offer. The areas we serve include Aurora, Arvada, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood, Thornton, Englewood, and Westminster. Whatever pest control you are in need of, we can help. Call the Denver pest specialists at (303) 586-5231 for residential pest control, commercial pest control or any emergency pest control need.